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Armenia -- acknowledged as one of the cradles of civilization -- is a beautiful country with centuries-long history and ancient cultural heritage.

What they sent me:
I loved this letter. I find it so encouraging when world leaders tell me they find my curiosity in their countries encouraging. We should all care about each other!

I also loved the English translation: that there was "too much information" for me to "digest" and they wished me "a good go." Although in America it might seem like a neutral command, I know in Europe it's a very encouraging sentiment since my Scottish grandparents are always telling me I should "have a go at it" when they wish me luck in a new endeavor.

I found the links the president's office included very interesting (they are listed to the right). To teach about "Armenian history, art, literature, nature, and famous political, public and cultural figures," they included the president's website, two sites on the Armenian Genocide, the official Armenian Church website, and an information portal.

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Known locally as Hayastan, Armenia is a landlocked country in Eurasia of 3 million people that gained its independence in 1991. Armenia is best known for its breathtaking mountains and as the first Christian country. It is also known for being very, very into chess. Although it's been played in Armenia since the Middle Ages, in 2011, chess lessons became a mandatory part of the public school curriculum.

The year 2015 marks a solemn occasion for the country: the centennial of the beginning of The Armenian Genocide, when an estimated 1.5 million Armenians in the Ottoman Empire and the surrounding regions were exterminated from 1915-1923.

While well-known Americans Kim Kardashian and Cher are of Armenian descent, the country also boasts a number of accomplished chefs, musicians, athletes, economists, inventors, and scientists including the inventor of the color television and the father of plastic surgery.

"Dear pupils, dear young people, dear children, be confident that the Republic of Armenia will spare no effort so that you can get knowledge, improve yourself, enrich your knowledge store and become good specialists, good citizens of Armenia, good persons... I want to share a secret with you: I speak of [the achievements of our schoolchildren] with the same pride as I speak of the Armenian Army and the achievements of Armenian chess players."
- President Sargsyan speaking about the success of their schoolchildren in the international Science Olympiad

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Official Name
Republic of Armenia


Current Leader
Serzh Sargsyan

• Sargsyan has a Philology degree from Yerevan State University, the largest university in Armenia

• Sargsyan is also the chairman of the Armenian Chess Federation

Recommended sites
Presidential Website

Armenian Genocide Centennial

Armenian Genocide Museum

The Armenian Church

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