What would you like the youth of America to know?

Unfortunately, in the interest of fairness to all, the Prime Minister [Stephen Harper] will be unable to assist you with your endeavor.

What they sent me:
I wrote to Stephen Harper, the Prime Minister of Canada since 2006 and was told that in the interest of "fairness," they couldn't help. I appreciated the letter of course, and love Canada (my house is only about 30 miles from the border).

However, things change and Harper was replaced just last week (November 4, 2015) with a new Prime Minster, Justin Trudeau. I've already sent him a letter to see if I can maybe get a different/better response. Stay tuned!

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Official Name

A parliamentary democracy,
a federation,
and a constitutional monarchy

Current Leader
Prime Minister
Justin Trudeau

• Trudeau is the son of former PM
Pierre Trudeau, and the first child
of a PM to be a PM

• At 43, Trudeau is the second youngest Canadian PM

• A former schoolteacher, Trudeau
has 3 small children

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Official Website

Trudeau's Twitter

Government Website

Destination Canada