What would you like the youth of America to know?

President Rivlin wants all the young people of the United States of America to know that Israel is a democratic state with a diverse and vibrant population. Our country seeks peace and looks to the future with hope.

What they sent me:
I could not love this letter more for its simplicity and message of hope. Israel has faced years of challenges from border disputes to the fact that three of the world's major religions -- Christianity, Judaism, and Islam -- all claim the capital city Jerusalem as a place pivotal to their beliefs.

That the new president, himself a Jewish Israeli who speaks fluent Arabic, wanted to the American youth to know that his country is diverse, vibrant, and peace-seeking is very encouraging.

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Israel is a small country in the Middle East on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea. At 11,000 square miles, it's roughly the size of New Jersey plus Connecticut.

As the Israel Tourism Board's website says: "Israel is a place of amazing variety, with globally unique contrasts. Israel's location, bridging Africa, Asia and Europe, has blessed it with four bio-geographical zones -- Mediterranean, steppe, desert and African -- make it unique worldwide in terms of its combination and variety of climate, flora and fauna.

"Perhaps most meaningful of all, some say it is the variety of Israel's people that makes it unique in so many other ways -- only around 7.3 million, but hailing from over 30 regions and countries the world over."

"I will continue to work, day and night, in an attempt to consolidate and develop the buds of trust between us... And I am not alone. I'm standing beside a long line of mayors and heads of councils--leaders--Jews and Arabs from the periphery and the center, north and south, who choose each day to cooperate together. I stand by the CEOs of leading companies, executives in the economy and in the public sector--leaders--Jews and Arabs that realize that they share common interests.

"I stand by educators, administrators, managers, and teachers--all leaders--religious and secular, Arabs and Jews, all over the country, who want to raise a different generation of children, who know each other and learn to respect each other. These people, these leaders, we are their servants: they give me hope and strength.

"'Pray for the peace of Jerusalem; May those who love her prosper; May there be peace within your walls; and security within your citadels; For the sake of my family and friends; I will say, Peace be within you.' (Psalms 122:6-8). This is our commitment to ourselves -- it is our commitment to our children and grandchildren and the responsibility that rests on all the inhabitants of this house, on all our shoulders."
      - President Rivlin at the Opening of the Winter Session of the 20th Knesset, October 12, 2015

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Official Name
State of Israel

Parliamentary Democracy

Current Leader
Reuven (Ruvi) Rivlin

• Rivlin is a native born Israeli who also speaks fluent Arabic

• Rivlin's father was a scholar and translated the Qur'an into Hebrew

• His cousin Lilly Rivlin made the 2006 film Can You Hear Me?: Israeli and Palestinian Women Fight For Peace that documented the joint activist efforts of Israeli and Palestinian women

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