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It would be difficult to describe in one letter, given that its history as a state starts from 1465, when the Kazakh Khanate was founded. And this year we celebrate its 550th anniversary. Kazakhstan is a state located in the very center of Eurasia and, nowadays, it is the 9th largest state in the world. Over the yeras of independence, i.e. within only one generation, Kazakhstan has evolved into a middle income country and growing economy from a developing one. Balanced foreign policy has helped the country achieve great success in the international arena.

Kazakhstan is a dynamic and young nation; every second citizen of the Republic is under the age of 35. Thus, the youth bears great responsibility, and will continue creative efforts of the older generation. The youth is "the perpetual motion machine" of the future. Therefore, the path to the future of any country depends on the development level and moral values of the youth. We believe in our bright future, which will be built by the current youth, the same way your country has high expectations regarding the younger generation.

What they sent me:
I'll admit, I didn't know much about Kazakhstan, and I certainly didn't know it was so big. It occupies over 1 million square miles, and has 3 time and 4 climatic zones, and more than 130 ethnic groups.

The packet they sent me was extremely informative with one of the longest, and most detailed letters. I was very interested to learn about the extraordinary efforts they take in Kazakhstan to maintain peace among all different cultures, and delighted to know that Kazakhstan led the world in an effort to ban nuclear testing. Peace and disarmament are topics very dear to my heart. Kazakhstan is also dedicated to science and energy-saving technologies, and its youth.

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According to their letter, "Kazakhstan means the grandeur of mountain summits, glistening glaciers, scorching deserts, great rocky canyons, emerald lakes, fast flowing rivers, and flora and fauna," as well as natural wonders like the "singing" sand dunes in the south.

"Most people in Kazakhstan are Muslims, followed by Orthodox Christians, Protestants and representatives of other religions. The dominant ethnic group consists of Kazakhs, then come Russians, Uzbeks, Ukrainians, Tatars, and Germans. And all these peoples have been living in peace and harmony for many years.

"Every 3 years, Astana [the capital] hosts leaders and high representatives of world and traditional religions from all over the world to ensure dialogue between civilizations and religions. The forum is unique and useful. Believing that the Word of God is the most effective tool for reconciliation and hope, we have already conducted five Congresses."

Sadly when it was part of the USSR from 1947 to 1991, Kazakhstan contained one of the the largest nuclear test sites in the world. As Kazakhstan saw first hand, "Nuclear explosions maimed lives and led to illnesses of more than one and a half million of Kazakhstan's citizens." Consequences of those tests remain to this day.

After Kazakhstan declared its independence in 1991, on behalf of his people, President Nazarbayev closed the site and Kazakhstan became the first state to voluntarily renounce nuclear weapons, surrendering the 4th largest nuclear arsenal in the world. Kazakhstan became an activist for the ban and renunciation of nuclear weapons worldwide. In 2009, the United Nations established every August 29 as International Day against Nuclear Tests, a resolution initiated by Kazakhstan.

Capital city Astana has a world class scientific and educational center, the Nazarbayev University which partners with leading US universities including Duke and the University of Pennsylvania.

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Official Name
Republic of Kazakhstan


Current Leader
Nursultan Nazarbayev

• Nazarbayev has been the leader of Kazakhstan since 1989

• Nazarbayev is Kazakhstan's first president; he was re-elected in April 2015 with almost 98% of the vote

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