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We would like to point out that Lithuania is truly proud of its language, history, culture, people who promote Lithuania in the world of arts, science and sports, as well as of its beautiful natural landscape.

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I didn't know much about this small Northern European country, but I have great respect for any woman leader whose nickname is "Steel Magnolia."

The country, called Lietuva by its citizens, is one of 3 Baltic states in Northern Europe. It's known for its rich culture and language, called Lithuanian, which the people managed to preserve with little change even through decades of Soviet rule. In 1990, Lithuania was the first Soviet republic to break away and redeclare its independence.

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A third of the country is covered in forests, and there are 816 rivers and over 2,800 lakes in Lithuania. The capital city Vilnius is a UNESCO World Heritage Center and hosts one of Europe's best Christmas markets.

"Lithuania is a dynamic, smart, creative and active country. Thus everyone's contribution is significant. Togetherness, common activities and ideas of young people from Lithuania and all over the world create our country's success story."
- President Grybauskaitė at World Lithuanian Youth Summit

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Official Name
Republic of Lithuania

Parliamentary Democracy

Current Leader
Dalia Grybauskaitė

• Grybauskaitė is Lithuania's first female president

• She is often referred to as the "Steel Magnolia"

• Grybauskaitė has a black belt in karate

• She was Glamour magazine's 2010 Woman of the Year

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