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I regret to inform you that it is not possible to answer your question, as no personal information is given of and/or about the members of the Royal Family. Unfortunately, no exception can be made in this case.

What they sent me:
The Netherlands are one of the world's few constitutional monarchies where a king is the head of state, and as such, I was hoping he would answer me as a head of state. I didn't think my question would cause the king to reveal any personal information, but ok. I will write the Prime Minister next and see if I can't get a better answer from him. I do sincerely appreciate that they wished me much success in fulfilling my dreams!

The small Western European country frequently referred to as Holland, is 16,485 square miles, a little larger than the state of Connecticut, and densely populated with almost 17 million people.

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In one of his first public addresses, King Willem-Alexander told the Dutch people that the welfare state of the 20th century was gone and was going to be replaced by a "participation society" where people took more responsibility for their own future rather than relying on the government as a safety net. In a televised address, he stated, "The classic welfare state brought forth arrangements that are unsustainable in their current form."

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Official Name
The Kingdom of the Netherlands

Constitutional Monarchy

Current Leader
King Willem-Alexander

• King Willem-Alexander became the first new king in Europe in over 100 years when his mother Queen Beatrix abdicated in 2013

• He and his wife, Queen Máxima, have 3 daughters

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