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It brings me great joy that you are interested in our country, Slovenia, which is offering everything one can imagine when reflecting on the notion of "smart and beautiful" -- because that is what Slovenia is... We Slovenias are hardworking people, and there are many incredible individuals among us who have achieved worldwide success in different fields -- sports, innovation, business, science and art. Our society is modern; it is the society of the future... Slovenia is a country of magnificent nature. In one corner, there are green hills covered with vineyards, and in another, forests stretching as far as the eye can see, and in yet another, a beautiful alpine world. I am delighted that you come from all over the world to meet us and discover our beautiful and exceptional country.

What they sent me:
I love getting letters signed by the actual heads of state, and you can tell from the ink smudges that the president actually signed it and not a machine. The letter is stamped with a golden seal and is really very nice. When I first received it, I had no idea that it was from the home country of our future First Lady, Melania Trump.

Lonely Planet calls Slovenia an "unexpected revelation: elegant and sophisticated, wild and beautiful." Visitors rave about its dramatic scenery, breathtaking Alpine mountains, fairy-tale castles, and cities that "feel like energy." In "Slovenia Rhapsody," The New York Times noted Slovenia's "top-notch designers, wines made by monks, wild wedding parties, giant escargot performing Shakespeare, a fruit-bearing plant that appears in the Guinness World Records, and... the folkloric city of Maribor, built by the Austrian Hapsburgs and named as a Capital of European Culture for 2012." Capitilizing on its natural beauty, Slovenia has become internationally known for green travel and "glamping."

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Situated in central Europe, Slovenia is a relatively tiny nation of 7,800 square miles and 2 million people that celebrated 25 years of independence in 2016. The major language in Slovenia is Slovene; the major religion is Christianity. Translated into English, the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana (pronounced lub-lee-yana) means "The Loved One." Ljubljana was named the European Green Capital of the world for 2016.

More than half of the country is covered with forests. Slovenia also has the highest number of caves in the world (more than 10,000), and so many wineries and vineyards that there is 1 for every 70 people.

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Official Name
Republic of Slovenia

Parliamentary Republic

Current Leader
Borut Pahor

• Pahor has been involved in politics since he was 15 and in high school

• Pahor studied public policy and political science at the University of Ljubljana

• Pahor's mother was a Nazi Concentration Camp survivor

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