Solomon Islands

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Thank you for your interest but unfortunately our protocol does not allow HE the Governor-General to sign postcards and other requests. Thank you for understanding.

What they sent me:
I do understand, but it was still very cool to get a letter from the other side of the world.

The Solomon Islands are a collection of almost 1,000 islands spread over 10,000 square miles in the South Pacific. It has a population of approximately 622,000 people. The official language is English.

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The Solomon Islands is known for its culture, intricately designed handcrafts, scuba diving, and pristine natural setting. Most of the islands are unspoiled and uncrowded. The water around the Solomon Islands is warm, clear, and so full of marine biodiversity that it is called "the Amazon of the oceans."

The Solomon Islands, especially Guadalcanal, was the site of many battles between the U.S. and Japan during World War II. Artifacts from the war can still be seen strewn throughout the jungle.

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Official Name
Solomon Islands

Parliamentary Democracy
and a Commonwealth Realm

Current Leader
Governor General
Sir Frank Utu Ofagioro Kabui

• The former Attorney General, Kabui was the first law graduate from the Solomon Islands

• The country's motto:
"To Lead is to Serve"

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